Forever Launcher Pro

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Forever Launcher Pro APK

Cleanest and Simplistic Launcher with full immersive screens.

Feb 25, 2022
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Require Android 5.0 and up

Key features

  • Cleanest and Simplistic Launcher with full immersive screens.
  • ) Music player with Full screen Visualisers
  • ) Video player with Color Adjustments
  • ) Photo viewer with 3D Carousel Style
  • ) Music player:-
  • ) Video player:-
  • ) Photo viewer:-
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  • A screen launcher app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Forever Launcher Pro APK

Three unique media apps are integrated:-
1) Music player with Full screen Visualisers
2) Video player with Color Adjustments
3) Photo viewer with 3D Carousel Style

1) Music player:-
Main features are as follows,
a) Music player with immersive full screen availabilty.
b) High quality 10- band equalizer with bass booster, virtualiser and amplifier.
c) Adjustable left and right channel volume.
d) 4 small visualizer to set the mood of the track.
c) Over 40 full screen super responsive high quality visualizer which detects every Beat
like Trap Nations, Trap City, NCS etc. each uniquely different from one another.
d) Sleep lock is provided in full screen to keep the screen from turning off which gets
necessary in some occasions.

2) Video player:-
Main features are,
a) Unlike other video player colors of video can be adjusted like in SONY , LG,
SAMSUNG TVs such as brightness, contrast,saturation, sharpness,temperature, RGB- channels etc.
b)A few color presets are provided to switch between colors quickly.
c) Both small screen video player and full screen video player is available.
d) Simultaneous playing video and scrolling of video list.
e) Full fledged video player with all the necessary features scaling, zooming and

3) Photo viewer:-
Main features are:-
a) Stylish 3D Carousel look of all the photo folders.
b) Fully immersive with adjustable photo grids to make the screen look even better.
c) Instagram style background blur of the consequent image making the screen full
immersive and cool.

Some others features include,
a) Quick apps dialog screen to add the favourite apps for quick access.
b) Immersive full screen launcher increasing the screen size by removing navigation bar
making the screen look bigger and better.
c) Compact user interface reducing complexity and confusion.
d) Everything is kept light, compact, straight forward and easy.

Forever Launcher Pro (Android Package) APK 8.0M

Made by: Southey