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Paint Shapes APK

Paint, draw, sketch and design anything with shapes. For kids, teens and adults.

Aug 18, 2021
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Require Android 4.1 and up

Key features

  • Paint, draw, sketch and design anything with shapes. For kids, teens and adults.
  • Drawing by layers, geometry, colors
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  • A drawing shapes app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Paint Shapes APK

PaintShapes is different from the other painting apps because you are not allowed to draw free lines. Everything you paint must be done through geometric shapes and how they interact with each other. Have fun and get challenged to paint interesting stuff with a limited set of tools.

Check our Instagram page to see examples of creations with the app.

Boost your creativity and artistic skills.

Everything around us is a geometric figure, just find their shapes and draw them here. You will be surprised how your brains start thinking differently to trying to paint what is in your mind. A hint: You should paint thinking in layers, paint from the back to the front.

How to use the app:

1- How to paint:
Select from the right toolbar one of the shapes (filled or just stroke). Then put your finger on the screen and move the finger without lifting it.

2 - How to delete a shape:
You can delete only shape by shape pressing the undo arrow at the top right corner.

3 - How to change colors:
Touch the colorful little square at the top toolbar, select the color at the vertical bar, and then how dark or light you want that color in the big square. Once you have the color you need just touch outside the dialog bounds and the color will be selected and added to the Recent colors bar.

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