Crafting Ages

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Crafting Ages APK

A game in which we create everything from scratch

Jan 31, 2022
adventure, games, crafting, ages, sticks, stones, conditions, scratch
Require Android 4.0.3 and up

Key features

  • A game in which we create everything from scratch
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  • A ages crafting game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Crafting Ages APK

CRAFTING AGES is a game in which we create everything from scratch. The gameplay takes place in prehistoric times.

Our main task is to survive in difficult conditions. We start with a trip to the forest. We collect sticks, stones, moss and mushrooms, and we obtain firewood.

We need to create the basic tools, i.e. an ax, a hammer and a shovel, which we need to improve the house, build a stove and a workshop.

Use the sticks collected in the forest to light a fire. We fry mushrooms to restore our energy levels.

In the later stages, we build a fisherman's house. We can manufacture fishing rods in it to catch fish.

There are also a lot of items in the game that we can create

Crafting Ages (Android Package) APK 7.6M

Made by: Bedevil