Tower Defense School 2

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The Campaign, An innovative old-style Tower Defense with Heroes and Items, Freedom in Gameplay

Nov 26, 2020
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Require Android Varies with device

Key features

  • The Campaign, An innovative old-style Tower Defense with Heroes and Items, Freedom in Gameplay
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  • A defense tower game that will be great addition to your phone.
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» Description
✔️ 100% Indie Game (just one person doing everything).

✔️ This game was created to offer you a fun experience of real tower defense, mixed with MMORPG elements.

✔️ Fun evolution experience based on tower upgrades and the use of dropped items on monsters.

✔️ Total freedom in gameplay, allowing the creation of towers wherever you want.

✔️ Real photos showing the real gameplay.

✔️ It's not a game based on watching ads or spending real money to win.

✔️ It's not a copy of tower defense like most games.

✔️ Has its own mechanics based on the old style tower defenses.

✔️ Everything in the game can be obtained with in-game currency.

✔️ Multiplayer Mode - PVP.

✔️ Cooperative Mode - Under Development.

✔️ Online Campaign - Under Development.

✔️ Play with 38 amazing epic and medieval background music.

✔️ Fully transparent game, providing full details of the towers (heroes) and creatures, as well as damage, firerate and spells details.

🎓 Learn the art of TD playing in the fantastic Tower Defense School.

👻 Destroy enemy creatures before they cross the map.

♖ Build Hero Towers

💰 Get Elixir and Gold Coins

🧙‍♂️ You can build various types of defensive towers, each tower has its skills and spells. 🧙‍♀️

💪 Upgrade towers

🗡 Earn items in creatures loot

🏹⚔️ Equip items to make your tower even stronger. 🗡🛡

🏆 Real challenges are waiting for you. 🥇

💎✦ ✧ ★ ☆ ✯💎


➢ Hero Towers 🤴

➢ Equipment Items to equip Towers ⚔️

➢ Hero Towers who change skin when equipping items

➢ Towers with powerful skills. 🧙

➢ 23 creatures 🎃

➢ Choose from 2 types of Tower Defense Style:

➙Path: monsters follow predetermined path

➙️Maze: monsters follow path created by the towers

➢ Available in 18 languages

➢ Classic tower defense system

➢ Controls designed for mobile and tablet

➢ Online Battles 1x1

➢ Competitive or casual battles

➢ Global and Regional Rank

➢ Chat with emoticons and ready-made phrases

➢ Friend's list

➢ Battle among friends

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Tower Defense School 2 Android APK Varies with device

Made by: Bakart Games