Baby pig daycare games APK

Enjoy this pet caretaker game and play basic baby pig daycare levels.

Jun 23, 2022
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Require Android 4.4

Key features

  • Enjoy this pet caretaker game and play basic baby pig daycare levels.
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  • A best pet daycare game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Baby pig daycare games APK

Cute baby pig is waiting for your gentle daycare help. n
Practice best pet babysitter activity and caretaker for pig day routine and treatment.n
Pig is very dirty and messy, give him him warm bubble bath and do a best caretaker.n
Wash out all the mud from the pig body and dress him up with cute pig dresses and accessories.n
Try making a cute pig house and clean all the dirt from garden area.n
Baby pig is very hungry lets prepare some yummy meals and feed baby pig with delicious recipe.n
In between play some cute pig colouring pages and pass your time.n
Take good care of baby pig and do pet caretaker stuff for baby pig massage treatment.n
After a hectic day ,now baby pig is tired and wants to sleep, let's give him a nice night lullaby story reading session , play some music , give some pet toys.

Baby pig daycare games (Android Package) APK 1.4 Mb

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