Baby Development & Parenting APK

Baby parenting app with activity, milestone & feeding tracker for newborn growth

Aug 22, 2023
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Require Android 7.0

Key features

  • Baby parenting app with activity, milestone & feeding tracker for newborn growth
  • Newborns don’t have kneecaps
  • Babies know your taste in music
  • Infants have supersized body parts
  • Sleep schedule of a baby is around 5400 hrs in the first year
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  • A babies activities app that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Baby-Development--Parenting APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Baby Development & Parenting APK

Babies are amazing 👼, so should be parenting 👪!

👉 1 yr: Baby’s brain double in size!
👉 2 yr: Baby’s brain has double the neural network!
👉 3 yr: 80% of the brain is developed, & the brain starts to discard less stimulated neural networks!

Hence, the focus should be to give the RIGHT STIMULATION at the RIGHT TIME in the first three years.

Stimulate Early Development in your Baby with Scientifically-driven Parenting program which has Early Childhood Development Course. BabyG is a parenting app designed with experts👩‍⚕️, especially for babies of 0-3 years of age, it has everything you need to ensure overall Child Growth & Development. It also provides Parenting Tips & Baby Products for development.

Below mentioned are the benefits of using BabyG;

🎯 DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES: Give Right Stimulation at Right Time with 1000+ playful activities, screen-free, video-based activities, backed by experts, to stimulate early development across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, & Social-Emotional areas. Don’t worry; our activities are designed with the philosophy of Easy-to-do & Minimal Material requirements. The Baby Brain Development Games are fun to play & ensure learning, with No screen-time. Our Toddler Development app has age-appropriate activities & a personalized Weekly Program to smoothly achieve Child Development Milestones.

🎯 DEVELOPMENT MILESTONES: Benchmark your baby’s growth & Track Baby Development every month by creating Baby Development Charts to see how your baby is progressing in each area of development. This can help you identify red flags early on. With our Smart Parenting features, stay peaceful seeing your child achieve the milestones with the help of Baby Development Activities.

🎯 NUTRITION & RECIPES: Wonder what you should feed your baby? Our Parenting App for Newborns & Toddlers has detailed methods & videos of nutritious recipes customized as per your baby’s age, to make some yummy food to ensure adequate Baby Development. Not just that, mom’s health is equally important, so we provide a daily diet plan for lactating moms.

🎯 BED-TIME STORIES: What’s better than stories to bond with your little one. Find unique & fresh stories to tell your little one every day & teach reading habits early on, ensuring Playful Baby Development.

🎯 ARTICLES & TIPS: We know what you will need to know throughout the journey! We have carefully curated all the essential things you need to know during this fantastic journey & put them in articles & tips.

You are your baby’s first teacher; give them the much-needed stimulation to form a strong foundation for life.


BabyG is a parenting app free of cost based on brain science, backed & recommended by experts to stimulate early development in babies. All the essential development happened during the first three golden years. With our Free Baby Development App, you get:

🆓 DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES: Unlimited access to scientifically developed development activities across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, and Socio-Emotional areas.

🆓 GROWTH MILESTONES: Baby development milestones that your baby has reached by doing BabyG activities across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, & Socio-Emotional areas.

🆓 MONTHLY DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Benchmark your baby’s growth & development month-on-month with a monthly development report just with a click. See everything quickly & graphically.

🆓 NUTRITION & RECIPES: Access to nutritious Recipes for babies and a lactation guide.

🆓 BED-TIME STORIES: Take the baby into the world of Bedtime Stories Collection & improve your kids imagination with our curated age-appropriate bedtime stories free of cost.

🆓 ARTICLES: Curated articles per your baby’s age to help you stay informed & make smart parenting easier!

🆓 TIPS: Research-backed Parenting Tips, every day, to guide you along the way in this new journey.

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