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The application of Arabic language lessons prep free application

Dec 31, 2022
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  • The application of Arabic language lessons prep free application
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(Preparatory Arabic (College APK

"The first Arabic language lessons application" Preparatory: It is a free application that includes all the Arabic language lessons, from all references scheduled for the first level of the Arabic language prep.
As the pioneer in the Arabic language, and the chosen one in the Arabic language, in addition to the useful reference in the Arabic language.
Through this application, we offer you lessons in reading texts, as well as poetic and straightforward texts; Respect all stages of building the functional lesson, including the stage of framing, understanding, analysis and synthesis.
As for the possibility of the language lesson, we offer you all the lessons included in the Arabic language unit for the first level of intermediate school in a simple way that respects the methodology of building the language lesson in the secondary school
Where you will get acquainted with the lesson on the morphological and abstract balance and more, and more triple and quadruple and the meanings of the form of pluses, and the lesson of the correct verb conjugation: the peaceful, the delusion and the weak.
As well as the conjugation of the dysfunctional verb: the example and the hollow, the conjugation of the dysfunctional verb: the incomplete, the conjugation of the infinitive and the conjugated verb, the syntactic and constructive, the Arabicized and constructed nouns, the signs of construction in verbs, the syntax of the present tense verb, its elevation and its accusative, and the parsing of the present tense verb, these lessons are for the first session.
As for the second session, we offer you several linguistic lessons, including: the lesson on nonsense and knowledge, science and the prominent pronoun, the concealed pronoun, the continuous and separate pronoun, the nouns of the sign, the connected noun, and the adverbs of the subject and the news.
He also studied the subject and the predicate and their congruence, and he studied the necessary and transitive verb: transitive verbs into two verbs whose origin is a subject and predicate, and finally he studied the passive voice and its rulings.
As for the creation component, we present the skill of expanding an idea and its interpretation, then the skill of searching for information and preparing documentary files, and the second course introduces you to the skill of journalistic production: defining the clip (its shape and elements), and the skill of writing letters for various purposes.
Finally, we put in your hands a set of exercises (applications) through which you will enhance your previous gains regarding the component of the language lesson, through various applications that include all studied linguistic phenomena with correction.
In order for the application to be complete, we have provided you with various samples of the first Arabic language assignments in preparation. You can download them, benefit from them, and share them with your colleagues.
This application remains an endeavor through which I tried to collect the lessons scheduled for the first level of my preparation, as it is subject to correction and additions, so welcome to all your suggestions and directives.
Thank you

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