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Ambhos APK

Ambhos is a one stop platform for range of services in fitness and sports.

Apr 29, 2022
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Require Android 6.0 and up

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  • Ambhos is a one stop platform for range of services in fitness and sports.
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Ambhos APK

The Spirit to Heal – The Spirit to Care

Ambhos is a one stop platform offering services like health care, fitness and sports. Our motive is to keep every citizen fit (physically as well as mentally) through a range of holistic offerings that include health, wellness, fitness, and sports services. Now, anyone can stay fit, healthy and pursue any sports as a career option with just a single app that helps you to be better everyday.

Fitness Services

We are aimed to provide end-to-end proactive fitness management to consumers. This unique solution enables users to enjoy a better quality of life, increase the lifespan of the country, reduce the probability of getting ill, and significantly reduce the risks of long-term chronic diseases.

Gym - With Ambhos, you can connect with best gyms nearest to your location and ensure you get the best services there. They ensure your safety, quality and record your experience.

Yoga and Meditation - Yoga and Meditation are proven to be spiritual healer, that helps our spirit/soul to be in right shape. We provide teaching towards yoga and how can it be coordinated in daily life.

Martial Arts - Ambhos provides Martial Arts training to all age group people, in order to help them improve their lifestyle which help them boost their confidence towards the world.

Trekking - Ambhos offers a range of trekking packages to enrich your travelling experience. Turn your vacations into a fun, exciting, adventurous tours mark your footprints on the peaks of our Nature.

Ambhos can also connect you with best mentors and coaches for dance, karate, running, hiking, martial arts, etc from all round India.

Sports Services

Ambhos urges to increase the awareness towards the sports and coverage of the various sports played over the globe. We make sure to give platform and spotlight to the unsung sportspersons and try that they get the best opportunity.

Ambhos onboard sports academies, coaches and get them connected to players and communities who are ready to groom themselves in various sports.

Healthcare Services

There’s a need to make people and processes in the healthcare sector more accountable. India’s healthcare system has been battling various issues, especially when it comes to healthcare in sports and fitness. Hence Ambhos focuses to provide various services to improve the healthy life of the individuals who are active in fitness and sports activities.

Doctors - Ambhos provide the linkage between the people who need medical guidance to the doctors through the online platform.

Physiotherapist - We ensure that the best therapist get connected to our players and fitness freaks. You can connect both as a therapist as well as a freak.

Dietician - Diet plays the major role in keeping the body fit and full of energy. Ambhos provides high quality dieticians who will help you in maintaining and improving your life style.

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