Agoti Mod FNF

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Friday Funny Agoti Mod - A Guy On The Internet FNF

Aug 11, 2021
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Require Android 5.0 and up

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  • Friday Funny Agoti Mod - A Guy On The Internet FNF
  • Friday Funny Mod Agoti
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» Description
Friday Funny Agoti Mod is another mod of the popular Friday night funkin game. In this part you have to play as Agoti (or Guy on the Internet). Agoti is not as simple as it might seem. He was born out of a box of hot cassettes, his heart is a VHS cassette. Since birth, he has no vocal cords, but having mistaken a game console for food, he got a voice - sound chips clung to his throat. For this reason, he has an artificial voice.
In Friday Funny Agoti Mod, you need to use Agoti to create a unique hit. Using only 4 buttons and a branded track, you create a unique track in a musical battle.
Compete with your friends, because after the end of the track they will show you how cool you went through the game.
Agoti mod for friday night funkin is a fun and addicting game.

Agoti Mod FNF Android APK 30M

Made by: Friday Funny Mod FNF