AFK Glory:PVP Idle Games APK

Glory RPG Idle Games

Nov 23, 2020
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Require Android 4.2 and up

Key features

  • Glory RPG Idle Games
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 5.00/5 from 1 votes , the AFK Glory:PVP Idle Games is just for you.
  • A idle glorypvp game that will be great addition to your phone.
  • More than 2,402 downloads since the first upload.
  • AFK-GloryPVP-Idle-Games APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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AFK Glory:PVP Idle Games APK


Join the ranks of millions of other players from all over the world Embark on a new and exciting futuristic idle game AFK Glory

【Idle game System】

Set up hero training when you go out. When you return to your phone, they will become stronger, gain new features and prepare for battle. You can cultivate and train a strong team when you are at AFK

【Hundreds of idle heroes】

Heroes of different factions with a lot of different skills. Summon your warriors, train them to become powerful heroes while AFK, or transform them into evolving spirits. Forge magical equipment and equip your fighters for victory

【Tons of Content】

With battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, heroic quests, mysterious towers, arena, guild, much fun to enjoy!

【Fight Together With Friends】

Enter the PVP game mode and fight everywhere with your friends and players to control the floating continent. Join a multiplayer guild and lead your guild to supremacy!

【Loots, Rewards and Treasures】

Many kinds of items and equipment can be collected. Fortunately, there are many places to use and resources are everywhere. Even if you are an AFK, when your troops continue to fight the enemy, you will accumulate some rewards.

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