Baby Panda's Safety & Habits APK

Learn safety knowledge with baby panda and develop good habits!

Aug 23, 2023
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Require Android 4.4

Key features

  • Learn safety knowledge with baby panda and develop good habits!
  • Learn how to get along with friends and take care of them.
  • Learn safety knowledge in daily life.
  • Inform kids about causes of disaster weather and teach them how to take care of themselves in case of disasters.
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 3.50/5 from 17 votes , the Baby Panda's Safety & Habits is just for you.
  • A pandas baby game that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Baby-Pandas-Safety--Habits APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Baby Panda's Safety & Habits APK

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Baby Panda's Care: Safety & Habits is a habit development APP that can help children develop healthy lifestyle, learn how to live more safely and take care of themselves.

Dears, welcome to the city of baby panda! Kiki and his friends live healthily and happily here. Let’s see what their healthy life is like?

After Getting Up
Pick up the toothbrush, squeeze out the toothpaste, brush the teeth from left to right then top to bottom, and the bacteria are gone!
Breakfast is ready! But it's too hot to eat. Use a fan to cool it down!

On The Way To School
When coming across your friend, wave to him and say hello;
Only cross the road when the traffic light turns green;
Do not talk to strangers and refuse their snacks!

In The Kindergarten
Say ‘thank you’ when accepting the biscuits from Little Rabbit;
Is the Little Penguin crying? Take out the toys and play with her to make her happy!
Don't be a picky eater when you have lunch, and wash your dishes!
Be careful when playing games, don't push around!

Before Sleep
It's late. Time to go to bed!
First go to take a bath and get rid of the bacteria;
Then put the toys and picture books away;
Turn off the lights and TV, go to bed and get up early to stay healthy!

In addition, children can learn how to take care themselves such as washing their own clothes, shoes, and socks, and how to protect themselves or escape in a disaster through Baby Panda's Care: Safety & Habits.

Download Baby Panda's Care: Safety & Habits, let your children grow up safely and healthily under the guard of baby panda!

Children can learn the following things through the life in the city of baby panda:
- Good hygiene practices;
- Healthy lifestyle;
- How to get along with friends and care for them;
- Safety knowledge in daily life;
- How to take care of themselves when disaster strikes.

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