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Altegio For Business APK

Book an appointment, manage your schedule & analytics for business

Apr 28, 2022
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Require Android 8.0 and up

Key features

  • Book an appointment, manage your schedule & analytics for business
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  • A management appointments app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Altegio For Business APK

Altegio is an online scheduling solution for service-based businesses. With Altegio your clients can choose to book appointments through your website, social networks, messengers, and more. All while you use Altegio to manage staff, their schedule, send notifications to your clients, perform inventory management and accounting.
Altegio is a management solution for appointment-based businesses trusted by 5,000+ companies around the world.

Altegio makes employee management easier and faster, allowing for more control over your business.

β€” Manage and adjust your schedule on the go: book, rearrange or cancel appointments;
β€” Browse appointments in our calendar app. Filter display by business branch or by staff member;
β€” Control access display access. Each employee may be restricted to only see their bookings;
β€” Get instantly notified about new appointments.

β€” Full access to clients’ visit history;
β€” Initiate phone calls right from your clients’ profile cards;
β€” Notify clients about upcoming appointments, special offers or cancellations (push, SMS or email). Batch notifications available.
β€” Automate birthday greetings with SMS, instant messages or push notifications to show your clients you care.

β€” Track your business performance: revenue, employee efficiency and more. Analyse data daily, or cumulatively over a preferred period.
β€” Monitor multiple business branches, switch between data sets, track business development of each unit.

β€” Accept bonus coupons, seasonal discount tickets, or loyalty cards from your clients;
β€” Track payments live. Administrators can see how much the client owes, if the visit is not paid in full.

β€” Generate detailed reports by branch or individual employee;
β€” Manage supplies you have in stock, and control how much you need per customer visit, or if you need to restock.

Use the Altegio booking app as a scheduling and appointment solution for your business. Set up the Altegio planning calendar widget on your phone or tablet. Altegio is a great schedule and appointment management app that helps you save some time for yourself, while making your work easier and your business more profitable.

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