Utouto Suyasuya

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Utouto Suyasuya APK

The game follows the story

Feb 12, 2024
adventure, games
Require Android 5.0

Key features

  • The game follows the story
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 5.00/5 from 11 votes , the Utouto Suyasuya is just for you.
  • More than 1,152,123 downloads since the first upload.
  • Utouto-Suyasuya APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Utouto Suyasuya APK

Utouto Suyasuya is a new adventure and puzzle game now available in all android versions.
The game follows the story of a young girl named Utouto, who is trying to navigate her way through a mysterious dream world. Players must help Utouto solve puzzles and interact with other characters to uncover the secrets of this strange place and find a way back to reality.

Utouto Suyasuya (Android Package) APK 9.8mb

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