Crazy GT Race

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Crazy GT Race APK

Fun and thrilling 3D offline car racing game, easy but fast. Start your engine!

Mar 18, 2023
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Require Android 7.0

Key features

  • Fun and thrilling 3D offline car racing game, easy but fast. Start your engine!
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 5.00/5 from 1 votes , the Crazy GT Race is just for you.
  • A race crazy game that will be great addition to your phone.
  • More than 131,890 downloads since the first upload.
  • Crazy-GT-Race APK can be downloaded free of charge.
  • The APK of Crazy-GT-Race from is checked for viruses and malware, and safe to download.

Crazy GT Race APK

Crazy GT Race is an adrenaline-fueled, 3D vertical screen racing game that offers a non-stop, pulse-pounding gaming experience. Get ready to put the pedal to the metal and speed through the streets in this fast-paced and exciting racing game. With its easy-to-use one-finger controls, you'll be able to effortlessly maneuver your way past obstacles and claim first place on the leaderboards.
Gameplay: 🎮 Get ready for an electrifying adventure with simple and user-friendly controls - just one touch required! Accelerate by tapping and holding, swipe to dodge obstacles.
Customization: 🚗 Upgrade your ride with the winnings you earn. Choose from a wide selection of vehicles and parts to improve performance and appearance.
Track Design: 🏎️ Each track has been carefully crafted to provide a unique and challenging experience. Famous landmarks surround the tracks, adding to the immersive atmosphere.
Offline Play: 💻 Play the game anytime, anywhere with offline play features. No internet connection needed to race.
Graphics & Sound: 🎨 The game boasts stunning and impactful graphics, along with a rich sound world and realistic crash effects.
Daily Rewards: 🎁 Complete daily challenges and check-in for a chance to receive big rewards. Get rewarded for your racing achievements and keep coming back for more!
Whether you're a fan of racing games or just seeking a fun and engaging game, Crazy GT Race is the perfect option. And, since it can be played offline, you can play it anytime, anywhere without the need for an internet connection. So, fire up your engines and get ready for an unforgettable racing experience with Crazy GT Race!

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Made by: Wing Game