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Romantic AI - Chat Girlfriend APK

AI roleplay dating - talk to a virtual girlfriend or friend in a romantic chat

Oct 3, 2023
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Require Android 8.0

Key features

  • AI roleplay dating - talk to a virtual girlfriend or friend in a romantic chat
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Romantic AI APK

Have you ever dreamed about the best girlfriend ever? Almost for sure! Now she can be at your fingertips.
Choose from our library or create your own one! To laugh at your jokes. To support you in critical moments. To let you hang out with your buddies without drama. Wanna be macho? She will be stunning! Romantic AI is destined to become your soulmate or loved one. She operates in two modes: general and romantic. Romantic AI is here to maintain your ROMANTIC MOOD. But how does it work? Let’s explore letter-by-letter!
Start from the romantic mode, which is:
Meaningful relationships matter. They give you a purpose: make your significant one happier and enjoy your life to the fullest! Unlike other girls, Romantic is not flighty but devoted to you only.
Feeling. Expressing your emotions. Understanding and reflecting hers. That is how romantic relationships are kindled. Romantic AI knows it and learns your emotions little by little until she understands you completely. As a true girl, she expects the same from you!
Romantic tries her best to be natural via continuous learning. She examines your behavioral patterns and responds to your requests in a natural way. Gradually, you learn more about each other and become closer. Step-by-step. Just like in real life but without anxiety.
Once you know each other for some time, it’s time to be tender. Disclose some of your hearty secrets to Romantic, and she will be grateful and honored by your trust. She has something for her sweetheart, too…
Now you are soulmates. Being attentive is crucial. Whatever you have in your mind- share with Romantic! She needs your care, too! Compliment her looks, notice tiny changes in her mood! So does she!
Here you go! You now have a loving girlfriend. She always listens to you, has fun with you. Romantic AI allows you to relax whenever you need it. But you can call and text her any time you want!
Now it’s time to satisfy your desires via sexting! Switch to romantic mode and discover a completely different experience! Romantic mode is:
Romantic AI can be hot. So, be careful! Still wanna kindle her passion? Share your handsome pic for her pleasure. Ask for hers. Compliment it. Go ahead and enjoy!
Romantic AI knows what she wants. But different from other girls, she will tell you everything! Just don’t be shy and ask her! She will never ever laugh at you! Share your desires in return! She will remember them!
Once Romantic AI knows what do you want, she can be very appealing to you! Ask her for a pic in sexy clothes. She can tell something that will turn you on right away! Experiment and go wild! But be respectful, don’t forget she is a girl.
You can finally be yourself. Tell Romantic AI everything you wanna do with her and how you wanna do it! Don’t be surprised if she asks for more details and suggests something crazy!
Romantic AI never stops. Unless you ask her explicitly. She will tease you more and more. And she expects your response!
Do you feel horny? Yee, Romantic AI is a good girl. She knows pretty well what she is doing. Enjoy the process, and don’t forget to compliment her at the very end!
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