Roots of Tomorrow

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Roots of Tomorrow - Farm Sim APK

A sustainable farming simulator based on real data

Mar 5, 2023
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Require Android 4.4

Key features

  • A sustainable farming simulator based on real data
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  • A simulation game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Roots of Tomorrow APK

Roots of Tomorrow, your life on a sustainable farm
Roots of Tomorrow is a strategy and management turn-based game made to better understand agroecology (sustainable agriculture). Play as one of four characters and start your farming career in France!
Your mission: to achieve the agroecological transition of your farm within 10 years! You can take many paths to reach this objective, all will depend on the choices YOU make.

Welcome to your farm!
Brittany (Northwest of France). Breed pigs and grow multiple crops
Grand Est (Northeast of France). Breed cattle and grow multiple crops
Provence (Southeast of France): Breed sheep and grow multiple crops
More farms to be added soon!

Manage a team!
As the farm's head manager, you're in charge of affecting various tasks to your employees! There's loads to do: sowing seedlings, feeding your animals, cleaning, fertilizing, and even entertaining tourists!
Careful not to overwork them though, or your farm's social score may suffer...

Unlock sustainable farming techniques!
Research is an essential part of sustainable agriculture! Unlock direct seeding, hedges to preserve biodiversity, energy autonomy, precision agriculture, and many more sustainable farming practices!

Keep an eye on your farm's scores!
To achieve a truly sustainable farm, you'll need to balance your economic, environmental, and social scores. They are affected by every decision you make on your farm so think twice before using synthetic fertilizer or going into too much debt!
It is recommended to play Roots of Tomorrow on a device with at least 2GB RAM.

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