Alphabet Defender

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Alphabet Defender: Idle TD APK

Defend your wall, destroy attacking alphabet monsters in this game.

May 21, 2023
simulation, games, alphabet, defender, idle, destroy, attacking, monsters
Require Android 5.1

Key features

  • Defend your wall, destroy attacking alphabet monsters in this game.
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 5.00/5 from 1 votes , the Alphabet Defender: Idle TD is just for you.
  • A defender alphabet game that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Alphabet-Defender-Idle-TD APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Alphabet Defender APK

In this thrilling game, players are tasked with defending their land from an invasion of monsters made out of letters of the alphabet. These monsters were created by a mad scientist who wanted to take over the world by using the power of language.
As the monsters attack, players must use their cannon to blast them into oblivion before they can breach the protective wall. At the beginning of the game, players start with a basic cannon that fires standard projectiles. However, as they progress through the levels and defeat more monsters, they earn gold coins that can be used to upgrade their cannon. These upgrades include faster firing rates, larger ammo capacities, and more powerful projectiles. Players can also unlock new abilities, such as special attacks that can wipe out entire groups of monsters at once.
The stakes are high as the monsters become more numerous and harder to defeat. Some monsters are armored and require special tactics to take down, while others move quickly and require precise aiming to hit. The mad scientist behind the invasion watches from afar, sending increasingly powerful monsters to destroy the wall.
As players progress through the game, they uncover the truth behind the invasion and the mad scientist's nefarious plans. With each level, they get closer to the source of the monsters and the chance to stop the invasion once and for all.
With addictive gameplay, challenging levels, and a dramatic story that keeps players on the edge of their seats, this game will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. Can you rise to the challenge and defend your land against the invading alphabet monsters and put an end to the mad scientist's plans?

Alphabet Defender: Idle TD (Android Package) APK 47.3mb