Soul Knight Prequel

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Soul Knight Prequel APK

Pixel ARPG with Epic Adventure

Feb 8, 2024
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Require Android 6.0

Key features

  • Pixel ARPG with Epic Adventure
  • + gear pieces to buff up your build. Start up the mob grinder and watch your inventory space get obliterated in real time!
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  • A role playing game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Soul Knight Prequel APK

Soul Knight Prequel is a pixel-art action RPG featuring loot farming. Slash monsters to upgrade your power, or party up for treasure against the odds. Our newest ARPG continues to feature Soul Knight's familiar posse of chibi characters, while satiating the fans' hunger for more lore and quests!

The game’s story begins prior to the events of Soul Knight. Help the magical land’s heroes form a knighthood, embark on an epic quest, vanquish foes with every combination of weapons and spells, and ultimately save Mystraea from impending doom.
Iconic Classes & Unique Skills
Choose from a range of starting classes: Heavy-hit your victims in a shadow as the Thief, strike with precision as the Archer, or channel the forces of the nature as the Witch. It's easy-to-learn, all-out action from the get-go!

Create Limitless Playstyles
The Hybrid Class unlocks as you level up. 12 Hybrid Classes and 130+ Hybrid Skills empower you to personalize every attack with flair!
Mix & Match Gear Sets
900+ gear pieces to buff up your build. Start up the mob grinder and watch your inventory space get obliterated in real time!
Team Up with Your Friends
With support for both LAN and online multiplayer, distance is no excuse for any pause in an otherwise constant stream of hell-raising, quest-seeking, loot-plundering quality time with the bros.

Keep It Fresh: Season Mode
Regular updates and season-based game modes promise all-new content till the end of time. You desire action-packed, high-octane fun 24/7, and we happen to know a thing or two about spiking your adrenaline.

Chill Out in a Village
Get a style makeover, nurture a garden with love - take a moment to sniff the roses before taking to the road with renewed vigor!

Soul Knight Prequel is a dungeon-crawling RPG in a light-hearted fantasy setting. Get this game now!
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