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Amazon Photos APK

Prime members get unlimited photo storage and 5GB for video

Sep 16, 2023
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Require Android 5.1

Key features

  • Prime members get unlimited photo storage and 5GB for video
  • Storage: Free 5 GB combined photo and video cloud storage means you keep memories secure while freeing up space in your phone
  • Full-resolution: Keep your original image’s resolution: more pixels equal better quality photos and videos
  • Order prints: Consider Amazon Photos a one-stop-shop for turning memories into photo prints, custom gifts, and home décor. Available only in the U.S.
  • Secure photos: Back up photos and videos automatically by turning on Auto-Save in Settings
  • Groups: Privately share and comment on selected photos, videos, and albums with friends and family across devices
  • Subscriptions: Expand storage (and cancel any time) with flexible monthly and annual plans starting at $1.99
  • Search: Easily locate photos when you search by date or location
  • Auto-Save: Enable Auto-Save in Settings to automatically secure every photo and video you take.
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • GB dedicated video storage
  • Refined search filtering
  • Free prints delivery
  • If you are looking for a solid app rated with 4.70/5 from 79 votes , the Amazon Photos is just for you.
  • A prime photos app that will be great addition to your phone.
  • More than 64,746,757 downloads since the first upload.
  • Amazon-Photos APK can be downloaded free of charge.
  • The APK of Amazon-Photos from is checked for viruses and malware, and safe to download.

Amazon Photos APK

Prime members get unlimited full-resolution photo storage and 5 GB video storage. Everyone else gets 5 GB for photos and videos. Use the Groups feature to privately pool and share full-resolution photos and videos. You can view and share your photos on nearly any phone, tablet, or computer, and you can set a screensaver on your Fire TV, Echo Show, or Echo Spot.

Set the app to Auto-Save your photos and videos from your phone so they get backed up automatically. Once your photos are stored in Amazon Photos, you can delete them from your device to make room on your phone. This free photo storage app can help you keep your photos and videos safe, even if your phone is lost or damaged.

Amazon Prime members get free unlimited photo storage + 5 GB video storage as part of their Prime membership. They can also share their unlimited photo storage benefit with five others by adding them to their Family Vault, and search for photos by keyword, location, or the name of the person in the photo.

Your photos are easy to find, because the app organizes your photos automatically. Prime members can quickly find any specific photos by searching for the things in their images, like "dog," "sunset," or "Seattle."

Collaborate and share photos and albums with your friends and family by inviting them to a private, invitation-only Amazon Photos Group. You can pool everyone’s photos together from your latest family vacation, soccer team season, birthday party, friend’s wedding, or knitting club--or just share goofy photos with a collection of your favorite people.

Once your photos have been saved to Amazon Photos, you can access them from nearly any device. Finally move those family photos from your old laptop, your phone, and your desktop so they’re all together in one safe place.

- Auto-save photos for easy backup and to free up memory on your phone.
- Back up your photos and videos securely with Amazon.
- Share photos and albums via SMS, email, other apps, or privately with Groups.
- See your photos on your Fire TV, tablet, computer, or on the Echo Show, where available.
- Prime members can search photos by keyword, location, and more.

Amazon Photos offers secure online backup for your photos and videos. This free online storage app lets you store, view, and share your important photos right on your phone.

Amazon Photos (Android Package) APK 42.7mb

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