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Alliance at War APK

Dragon Empire - Strategy MMO, Magic.Throne.War.Glory. 2020 best strategy war game!

Jan 26, 2021
Strategy, games, simulation, battles, player, heroes, fighting, allies
Require Android 4.1 and up

Key features

  • Dragon Empire - Strategy MMO, Magic.Throne.War.Glory. 2020 best strategy war game!
  • Stronghold Fighting Days*
  • War of Throne”
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 4.20/5 from 90 votes , the Alliance at War is just for you.
  • A strategy game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Alliance at War APK

Alliance at War is a fun SLG game with a fairly balanced system for paying and non-paying players.

Developer support is through the roof with an interactive system for communication, attracting thousands of players throughout the world.

The game graphics and features are based on Medieval Age style, full of legends and grand exploits. Plunge into the heroic world, team up with allies, lead your army with your mighty and upgraded heroes, search for magic artifacts and write your name in empire’s history.

Active events are run every day that will bring you adventure and thrilling battles. Master your skills with an organized alliance of your own, claim your territory, conquer your enemies and become ruler of the Kingdom.

Game Features:

Barracks, City Wall, Academy and over 20 more buildings and stronghold structures to level up. Increase your might by city construction and develop into a high-tech kingdom, suppress your enemies and solidify your domination.

The hero battle system is built around strategy and battle wisdom. Collect equipment to forge powerful weapons and armor to evolve your hero. Upgrade runes and heroes abilities to obtain mysterious power from the magic.

An organized team is unbeatable, seek brotherhood in our social community, gather them up to form a well trained warlord team and attack strongholds and castles with skilled military tactics.

Extend the border of your kingdom, you will need to defend your castle or burn down the intruders. A vast battle field area supports large-scale troops to fight, many epic wars led to torrents of blood.

Prove yourself a strong leader and show loyalty to your clan. Take care of each other with resource transportation, research your alliance technology, and start a rally attack on your rival alliance and enjoy the rich spoils.

Forge your army of soldiers to the fullest and join the world wide EPIC events such as:
*Stronghold Fighting Days*
A day you can attack other alliance’s territory and claim authority of your own territory.
*War of Throne”
A dark land hiding evils and controlled by dark power, whoever wrenches victory from his opponent with the collapse of armies and death of heroes will win stunning treasures and the King’s throne.
More adventures and events to be found, excitement is brought to your life with lots of fun.

Tired of games that have lots of in-game bugs and poor customer support? Here, Alliance at War provides you a real-time service and timely support!

A new player with no gaming experience? Visit our Facebook page, YouTube, Discord for a full list of tips! And there are also experienced players guiding here and helping you to grow!

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