AgroPilot GNSS

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Navigator on a tractor with the function of measuring and accounting

Oct 27, 2021
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Require Android 5.0 and up

Key features

  • Navigator on a tractor with the function of measuring and accounting
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» Description
Kotless software for obescuration regulator AgroPilot® SC10™. Original possession only on the AgroPilot.UA website, unique fake annexes. For the maximum reduction in prices, the company realizes its products without the need to get the heels in between, and the availability of the earliest and small farmers' state gifts. Minimizuyuchi vitrati on logistics, comrade to implement vicariously through the curriculum services, replace the products only on the official site of the AgroPilot.UA company.

— Works offline
— 2D / 3D + RV interface
— Field area measurement along the edge of the sprayer boom
— Manage an unlimited number of sprayer sections
— Work with free GNSS signal
— Night and day working mode
— DGNSS differential signal mode
— You can put any working width
— Shows Hectares worked and distance traveled
— Work with straight or curved A-B alignment
— Return to the point where you stopped the application to continue.
— Automatically save work done
— Free software update and online office

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