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»Download ChemMathsDroid Engineer Tools,unit conversions, sci-calculator Free Android APK

Summary: Equation Solver/Unit Converter/Reference of information,calculations for Chemical, Engineering and Maths fields.Suitable for students and professional.

Feb 11, 2019
engineering, unit, convert, chemical, maths, physics

» ChemMathsDroid Engineer Tools,unit conversions, sci-calculator Description
Suitable for students and professionals in the chemical,science,engineering, maths fields. Provides Equation Solving\information\Reference of on over 4000 chemical compounds. e.g. Organic/Inorganic elements, Periodic Table, Steam Table data, Acid and Base Dissociation Constants, General gas and liquid data etc. Solve standard equations in the following categories Physics, Electrical Engineering, Maths - Geometry, Maths - Statics, Dimensionless Numbers, CSTR and more. A unit conversion tool of over 30 predefined values and the ability to add your own. The app is easy to use and convenient to have around. Main Program Selection/Functional/Equations Groups are :- "Units" "Physics" "Electrical" "Dimenionless Numbers" "CSTR" "Maths Information" "Chemical Information" "Chemical Data" "Maths - Geometry" "Maths - Statics" "Maths - Series" "Maths - Proportional Lengths" "Maths - Interest" "Maths - Areas & Volumes" "Decanters" "Pipes" "Distillation" "Hydrostatics" "Heat Transfer,Exchangers" "Vessel Design subjected to combine loading" Unit Groups : "ACCELERATION UNITS" "AREA UNITS" "CALORIFIC VALUE (VOL BASIS) UNITS" "DENSITY UNITS" "ENERGY UNITS" "ENTHALPY UNITS" "FORCE UNITS" "FREQUENCY UNITS" "HEAT FLUX UNITS" "HEAT FLUX UNITS" "HEAT TRANSFER COEFFICIENT UNITS" "HENRYS LAW CONSTANT UNITS" "LENGTH UNITS" "MASS UNITS" "MASS FLUX UNITS" "POWER UNITS" "PRESSURE UNITS" "SPECIFIC HEAT UNITS" "SPECIFIC VOLUME UNITS" "MASS FLOW UNITS" "< -- USER DEFINED UNITS -- >" "TIME UNITS" "PLANE ANGLE UNITS" "TEMPERATURE UNITS" "VOLUME UNITS" "VELOCITY UNITS" The main Chemical Groups are :- Thermodynamic Data Solids Data Physical Data Organic Data Acid and Base Dissociation Constants Acid and Base Dissociation Constants in Water Acid Base Indicators Liquids Data Anion_Contributions_Entropies Cation Contributions General Chemical Data Gas Data Steam Tables Pressure Periodic Table Standard Electrode Potentials Acidic Standard Electrode Potentials Basic Standard Heats Free Energies Formation Standard Heats Free Energies Formation Absolute Entropies Thermodynamic Data1 Saturated Steam - Pressure Saturated Steam - Temperature SuperHeated Steam - Pressure - PSI Steam Table SuperHeated Steam Pressure - Bar Steam Table SI - Bar Also has a Sudoku game with standard features. Features/ Information : Main/Initial Screen : Displays information for numerous Chemical compound (organic, inorganic, electrode potentials, physical, solid gas, gas data, Standard Heats Free Energies Formation, Acid Base Indicators, periodic table properties and more, Equations in Maths - Geometry, Physics, Electrical, Dimenionless Numbers, CSTR, Maths - Statics, Maths - Series, Maths - Areas & Volumes and more). Access to the main features is via 2 main dropdownlist boxes containing the main categories and each sub categories. Equations are solved by checking the correct checkbox for the variable to be solved for and clicking calculate. Some equations have representative diagrams. Unit conversions for predefined and user defined values can be included. Features a web browser view to the main website for further help details. The Web browser can be used for general internet use. Offers internet help on the product and general application information. Application Permissions : Read/write to SD Card. Note this is the free version of ChemMathsDroid, hence it has limited features. ChemMathsDroid is available via Google Play for $(AUD) 3.00 for full features.

ChemMathsDroid Engineer Tools,unit conversions, sci-calculator Android APK

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