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Summary: Simple notes for basic mechanical engineering .

May 6, 2017
basic mechanical engineering
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» Basic Mechanical Engineering Description
Simple notes of basic mechanical engineering for students & professionals.it almost covers all important Mechanical Engineering. All topics are managed by chapters which are indexed below. Chapter 1 Materials 1. Classification of engineering material 2. cast iron 3. mechanical properties of cast iron 4. Alloy steel and their applications 5. Alloy steel stress-strain diagram 6. Hooks law and modulus of elasticity Chapter 2 Measurement 1. measurement by Vernier caliper 2. micrometer measurement 3. dial gauges measurement 4. slip gauges measurement 5. sine-bar measurement 6. Lath mashine 7. drilling machine Chapter 3 Fluids 1. Fluid properties 2. Static Energy and Kinetic Energy 3. Bernauli?s equation for incompressible fluids 4. Hydraulic power plants Chapter 4 Reciprocating Machines 1. Steam engines 2. Carnot cycle and ideal efficiency 3. Otto and diesel cycles 4. two stroke petrol engine 5. four stroke petrol engine 6. two stroke diesel engine 7. four stroke diesel engine Chapter 5 Thermodynamics 1. First and second law of thermodynamics 2. steam properties 3. enthalpy & entropy 4. classification and working of boilers 5. calculation of chimney height 6. refrigeration 7. vapor absorption & compression cycles 8. Refrigeration Coefficient of Performance (COP)

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